Flavia:Leave me alone

Wittick banged on my window, my door, everywhere he could to get me to talk to him.

"Leave me alone!"

"We have to talk Flavia!"

"No we don't. I understand."

"You don't!"

"Yes I do Witt, just leave me alone. You just kissed a human, she knows our secret, and you just made an enemy of a werewolf! How stupid are you?"

"I can explain."

I shoved my ear phones in my ears and turned up the volume of my ipod. Just leave me alone Witt, just leave me alone I projected.

And he did.

I pulled out my ear phones and listened until he shut his bedroom door, then opened my window and slippd out on to the roof. The girl knew about vampires. It was my right, and great joy, to stop her. In no time at all I was across the road and outside her window. She was lying on her bed, crying her eyes out. How I hated her right now. I slipped silently through the window and sat cross-legged on her chair, then cleared my throat to get her attention. Her head snapped up, her eyes bloodshot.

"Hey, why the crying? I  mean, you just got the most amazing guy to kiss you, why should you be the one crying?"

"Flavia, I didn't know he was your boyfriend..." I appeared  next to her in a flash, and her heart leaped seconds before she did.

"Quiet human girl. I know you know what we are. I know you're scared. And you know what? You should be." Her parents were out of the house, and the werewolf was the only threat. Ha some threat to an angry vampire. "So, how do you want to die?"

The End

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