Rose: Kiss, Terror, Pain

The man from my dream was real?!

But how? How could that possibly be?! He was a random character from my subconscious, a figment of my imagination! There was no way he should just walk into my kitchen and say "Hello, Rose."

And there's another thing. How did he know my name? Was he some kind of creepy stalker? I shivered at the thought.

But still I couldn't help but think of the way our lips had moved against each other when I had kissed him in my dream. I found myself tracing the shape of his lips and suddenly the dream was becoming reality.

It felt so wonderful. Pleasant and sweet and tender. But moreover ... right. Like we were meant to be. As we were kissing, I once again conjured up in my mind that image of the silver rope, hovering in the air between our hearts, creating an unbreakable link, anchoring our souls to each other.

Suddenly he pushed me away and Flavia was standing in the doorway.

But Flavia looked different today. Flavia was no longer concealing the thing that triggered ancient fear in me. She was revealing it, baring her fangs for all the world to see.

And it clicked. Totally illogical, totally impossible, extremely improbable - they were vampires.

And I was paralysed with terror even before Flavia raced at me looking like she wanted to murder me.

I barely felt better when Witt - now how did I know his name? - defended me: he was one too.

Then Marcus appaeared on the scene and I was grateful for that element of reality in a world that had gone crazy when he growled. Not made an angry sound like a typical teenage guy does, but physically growled. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and danger was so evident in that room that it was tangible like dipping your toes into the icy sea.

And the awful thing came out. The fact that I had kissed Witt dawned on Marcus like the sun dawns on a new day. Except that this was entirely unpleasant. I had to watch as the comprehension ripped Marcus up in shreds. He looked utterly destroyed.

When Witt had left - and can I just say, he left chaos and a mess, and that it was the totally dishonourable thing to do to leave me in that situation alone? - Marcus just stared at me. And then collapsed on the floor.

He looked numb. Shocked, distraught and numb.

"I'm sorry," I told him, beginning to cry. "I don't know what happened."

Marcus didn't respond.  I didn't think he could.

I approached him but he looked up at me and his expression was warning. I stopped.

And then fled. I ran past him and up to my bedroom where I collapsed on my bed sobbing.

You stupid, stupid girl, Rose, I thought. You've just ruined your life.

The End

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