Rose: Dream

So Marcus and I had a nice afternoon, together. At seven o'clock, my parents said firmly that Marcus needed to be in his room and he obeyed, not wanting to ruin our arrangement to be in the same house.

I did some washing up into the kitchen, enjoying the silence, the opportunity for some reminiscing about my relationship with Marc.

But at one point in the night, I heard something crash outside. I headed to the back door and opened it, gazing out into the still night.

But nothing happened.

That night, I retired slightly late than I might have done usually, delaying going to bed by kissing Marcus in his room.

When I slept, I had a weird dream.

A young man I had never seen before appeared at the back door where I had been gazing out into the night earlier. He was startlingly handsome with dark hair and eyes that seemed to bore into my soul. To my utter surprise, he leant in and bit my neck. His teeth were unnaturally sharp and I felt blood come to the wound. He drew back almost instantly.

"Did you just bite my neck?" I asked, naturally shocked and confused.

He didn't answer. Instead he just stared into my eyes, oddly causing my mind to blank. And then he left, his movements graceful and with a strange sort of predatory nature to them which seemed to simultaneously attract and scare me.

But before this, it seemed to me that there was a silver strand of ... something in the air. It seemed to extend from my heart and end before the stranger's, as if it connected the two. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. While the man walked away, the ... rope I suppose it was became taut and seemed to tug at my chest. I longed for him to stay, though I didn't care about my question being answered: I just wanted to talk to him. Be in his company.

And after he had gone, my mind blanked again and the dream changed. The man was standing on an open plain of fog before me and he was whispering my name. And I was walking towards him. All the while, a strange feeling was growing inside of me and when I reached the man, I kissed him.

I woke up, incredibly confused. Who had that man been?

The End

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