Witt: Hungry

The moment Flavia's gone.... the hunger hits me. I moan and tap my fangs which have already extended. "Dammit" I curse. I look at my house then strangely my eyes turn on the new girl's house. I think it was Rose, her name. I shake my head and turn heading for town.


Idiot! I should have known what she was. I dodge another wooden arrow shot from behind. I also know its shot from a crossbow in the hands of a girl about 5"10 and very pretty with blond curls. Why the hell didn't I work it out when she said we didn't have to go anywhere?

I eventually outrun her and slump against the back of some building. I first hope its my house since its the right street but then I smell blood. Living, breathing humans are within this house and ones in the kitchen. Its a she and she heard the commotion out back. She's walking through the kitchen to the back door...

The patio light blast on and I hiss out covering my eyes. "What?" I pull my hand back to see a girl and it all clicks. This is Rose. This is the girl Flavia said to stay away from. The girl whose still got a supernatural presence in her house. The girl with the boyfriend.

The girl I need to feed from....

I'm across the law in a second entering her mind, tilting her head to the side and burying my fangs in her neck. She doesn't scream... not one bit and thats scary because my hypnotism is failing... she's fully concious... fully aware. Then flash.. all I see is silver... a cord, a bond... a duty.

"No!" I yell pulling away and stumbling back. The bite on her neck heals and I watch her blink a few times just staring at me. She lifts a hand up to her neck and touches the small pin prick scars.

"Did you just bite me?" She asks but I'm not listening. I'm glaring and staring with all my might to make that silver cord that hovers between us disapear... to vanish and prove that this mortal human is not my soul mate.

I look up and grab her hypnotising her successfully before vanishing in a second leaving her on her patio. No, this isn't right. Why? Why the hell me?

The End

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