Witt: Jealous

I waited looking down to the alley entrance making sure no one walked in on Flavia's meal. I looked at Flavia and felt my face turn slightly annoyed at the look of equisit pleasure on the human girls face. I looked away once again and then Flavia was finished. "Go home now" She told the human.

"Why can't you come with me?" The human said. It made me turn and look. This human seemed to be slightly resitant to Flavia's hypnosis. She seemed to relise it as well and bared her teeth.

"I said 'go home'" She repeated once again. This time the human listened walking off down the alleyway stumbling and looking a little drunk. Flavia turned to smile at me and came over licking the blood from her teeth. I looked away and she put her hand on my cheek turning it back so I faced her. "Problem?"

"No" I say defending my mind as I felt her prob it a little. Why the hell did I ask to come with? I wasn't even gonna have a sip, so why did I have to make myself come and watch her?

"Hmm, I know there is" She whispers letting her fangs graze my neck as she kisses it lightly. "But I won't pry. Shall we go back in?"

I pulled her closer to me nuzzling her neck. "I want to go home" I mumble my lips moving against the skin of her shoulder. "Will you be able to stay over?"

"I think that will be okay" Flavia says.

The End

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