I'd found Demonic a few nights ago, and I knew that it was the perfect place for Witt and I tonight.

We got in through the back, because I knew the vampire who guarded the door. It isn't a vampire club per say, but the vampire population liked the activity in the club. And I was one of them.

Loud music, dark corners and lots of drink made this the perfect place to feed on any humans around.

"You want a drink?"

"Please." Witt grinned and kissed me before he left to the bar. I scanned the club for a likely human victim, and soon spotted a young girl looking around at the bar. She was alone. Short auburn bob, whitish skin, and from what I could see, green eyes. Suddenly, her eyes caught mine.

Well hello there.

She looked away quickly and smiled. I could see her smile in the mirror. She was deciding whether to come over. Oh god, she's bisexual. This is going to be so easy! And now she's buying me a drink.

"Here you go." Witt presents me with the drink.

"Quick, bisexual, ten o'clock, she's bought me a drink."

"Hmmm, nice. But I don't want to cut our evening short."

"You sure?"

"Well, I was hoping for a long evening."

"Oh. Well, it was only because I'm hungry."

"Well, I suppose we could take her out and then come back."

"How about I take her out and come back? You can't be that hungry. You don't look it anyway." Before he could answer, the bisexual was here.

"Hi, I wondered if you'd like a drink, but I see you already have one."

"Oh, thanks. Why don't you sit down?"

The End

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