Witt: Date

For a second I just stared. She looked so beautiful. Her dress was short and tight against her figure slowling off her curves. It gave her the perfect curves in all the right places. "Like it?" She asks, swirling round so I get to see the, very, low cut back.

"Uh... I.... You look wonderful" I say pulling her into my arms and allowing myself to savour the taste of her lips on mine. Well, mainly to stop myself from babbling more like an idiot. Her arms wrap round my neck her hands clasping together. Mine travel to her hips where my thumbs rub small circles.

Flavia hums as I pull back. "I can tell you want something" she whispers softly with a wink. I smile a little sheepishly.

"Is it that obvious?" I say before smirking knowing from Flavia's blush she can see my thoughts quite clearly.

"Its a bit early in the evening for that" She mumbles turning away but taking my hand. "Come on, we better get to the club so we can find the best takeout" She slowly turns back to her usual charming self.

"If that is what you choose, my lady" I say doing a cheesy little bow making her laugh. Then we begin to head for the town and I allow my arm to hang round her waist. "Which club we going to then? Please say they have private areas"

Flavia chuckles and lets a finger slide down along my jaw. "Its called 'Demonic'" She says with a sexy hint to her voice.

"Well, that will be very fitting for us" I say leaning down to kiss her once again.

The End

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