Marcus: New Home

I watched as my beauty stepped out of a black sports car and walked into one of the houses. Just what I've been waiting for.

I stared down at my hands and smiled that they were time! With my most appealling swagger I walked onto Rose's front lawn and knocked on the door.

Suddenly my ears pricked up. Somebody was laughing menacingly. I tried listening with all my might

" funny today shopping" a female voice chimed joyously "She was so afraid of was brilliant...that Rose really needs to grow up!"

Rage boiled up inside of me that screamed to get out. But it melted away at the opening of a door, the scream of a love and the warmth of a hug

"You're back!" Rose screamed with a ring of absolute pleasure in her voice "I can't believe are you staying"

"In a flat down the street" I lied, pointing to the horrid motel down the street which was currently being investigated by the police

"You can't" Rose gasped "You must stay here with us"

"If you're sure" I sighed gracefully whilst my insides jumped with joy. I pulled in my suitcase and embraced the warmth that was my new home...with Rose  

The End

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