I woke up to smell Witt. Or to smell Witt who had left minutes earlier. But I could still smell him. And there was a metallic smell too. I rolled over.

On my bed side table there was a heart necklace, with an arrow shot through it. On the tip of the arrow was a red diamond. Oh god. Now I really did feel bad for not going in with him. But I didn't want to do what every other girl did and just jump in with him on the first date. I wanted this to be real. Well, I guess it's my turn to be romantic then.

I slip out of bed and notice Dawn, Don and Rose out on their lawn through the window. My plan to show Rose around to feel the fear I had smelt last night flashed in to my head. Oh yes, I would do that today. With that in mind I went for a light blue shirt tied in a knot over a white strappy t-shirt. My denim mini skirt went on and I slipped in to my pumps. Hair brushed, I ran downstairs.

"Morning sis. I'm going out."


"You could come if you wanted."

"No. I don't fancy explaining things to cops today thanks."

"You know you really ought to get out more."

"Huh." I grin, skipping out the door and across the road. Rose has gone inside. Perfect.

"Morning Dawn, Don. How are you?"

Dawn answers. "Fine thank you Flavia. Did your friend get in last night?"

"Yes he did. We found one of his keys. He's always losing those things."

"Well, I hope he doesn't make a habit of shouting outside our house."

"He won't, I'll make sure of it. I actually came to ask whether Rose would like me to show her around this part of the city. We could go shopping, see a film, get to know each other, you know?"

"Oh that would be wonderful. You are so kind, thank you. I'll get her down here immediately." She went to the door and shouted in to the house. I went to get my sports car. She can't say no now can she? I pulled up in my sleek black car that had reminded me of a panther when I bought it, just as Rose emerged from the house, with her mother encouraging her from behind.

"Dear, don't be rude." She was whispering.

"Hey Rose, want to come shopping?" I called, looking as friendly as possible.

"Umm..." Her mother butted in.

"She'd love to." She shoved a purse in to Rose's hand and pushed her towards the car. Rose got in reluctantly.

"Great." I said, grinning at Rose. Her fear sparked and flared again, but she smiled and fastened herself in. "Let's get to know each other." I smiled at her as we pulled away.

As we drove faster and faster I felt her flinching in fear. But when we got to the mall she seemed to ease up slightly. Probably thinking nothing could happen in broad daylight in a crowded shopping mall. Well no...that is what she's thinking actually. 

The End

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