Witt: Night time

"Am I not trustworthy?" I say with a shocked face pretending to be hurt.

"Not at all." Flavia says keeping a straight face, "I wouldn't let you near a girl like that with a barge pole. Anyway, I don't want you making her feel safe round me, I like the fear."

"Why would she feel safe around me?" I ask twirling a strand of her hair round my finger. I lean in my fangs extending and let them brush Flavia's neck. "I thought you'd realise by now I can be scary when I want to be"

"As if." Flavia leans away and extends her fangs. "I know I'll never be scared of you." She grins cheekily through her fangs. I smirk before learning in and kissing her. My fang nicks her bottom lip causing some blood to seep out. I suck on her lip and the wound soon heels up.

"Is that true?" I whisper.

"Definitely" she says a little hoarsely. "But I bet I could scare you."

"Aww, honey, I bet that to be untrue" I whisper kissing along her jaw. To think she believes I can't scare her and then say she'd be able to scare me. No, honey, that ain't working for me.

"It is true. You want to know how?" She stands up and walks away, opening the window. " I can stop you from getting kisses." She gestures out the window. Before she has chance to think I'm across the room pinning her up to the wall.

"I don't believe you can" I say with a smirk before kissing her passionately letting my tongue slip into her mouth.

She kisses me for a minute, and then pushes me off. "No, sorry. I waited all these years, I can wait another century until the girl is dead" She climbs out the window and disappears up on to the roof. I sigh heavily.

"What the hell do you mean, Flavia? I'm not flirting with the girl" I say swinging myself up onto the roof next to her.

"I know, but I also know you. And there is no way I can let you go near her. She's gorgeous, and she's obviously got a sixth sense about this sort of thing. I mean the night world. We can't get her involved."

"Aww, honey" I say tilting up her chin to look at me. "Is that jealousy I hear?" I smirk at the thought. Seriously, why would I go flirting with a human unless for food? I have Flavia for the rest of eternity what more could I want or wish for? I felt almost like my entire being existed for her.

"Definitely not." She huffs, but is obviously lying. Then quickly, she slips back in to her room and closes the window. "Night!" She laughs and waves mockingly.

"Oh well, maybe I will leave and go see the new girl then if I am not allow to be with you" I say jumping from the roof and landing on my feet.

"Oh no you don't!" She shouts out of the window, but not following because light suddenly spills out over the road. Flavia disappears from the window as a woman appears at the window of the newly sold house. I spin round to face the woman.

"Oh, hello. Sorry to disturb you miss. Let me introduce myself" I say with a bow. "My name is Wittick Tomson. I live in the house next to yours"

"Well my name's Dawn. May I ask why you are making so much racket?" She asks.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just about to come visit" I say with a smile looking back at Flavia's window.  Flavia comes out to the window

"Sorry Dawn, Witt is one of these people who try to call at inappropriate times of the night. Go home Witt, and visit tomorrow. Stop making such a racket."

I smile up at her. "I don't seem to be able to get back in" I call up. "I believe I lost my keys" At the end I wink.

"You have a spare key under the mat. Now get in before I report you for disturbance" She winks back.

"I lost both unfortunately and its to late to call someone in. You're the one shouting from your window" I say. I continue to smirk working my way round her routes with ease.

"Well, we have a spare room. You could stay and call someone in the morning" Dawn suggests.

"No, don't worry Dawn. I have a key, and if that has some how gone missing, it's better he stays at my house." Flavia says beginning to look fed up. I smirk up at her and turn back to Dawn.

"It seems I found a solution, Madam, but thank you" I say. Dawn nods then disapears back into her house. I look up at Flavia and smirk. "May I come back in now?" She sticks her tongue out and disappears for a second. She reappears at the door and ignores me to walk across to my house.

"Liar." She pulls out the key from underneath the mat. Opening the door, she gestures for me to go in.

"I wanted to spend the night with you" I say tilting her chin up. "Why do you think I waited for you to come back? Maybe you should come in there's not children in this house" At this point I'm kissing her neck.

"Some other time Witt, I'm tired, and you smell like the girl you had for dinner. Please, just let me sleep."

"Fine" I snap leaving and slamming the door behind me.

"Witt. Witt, I'm sorry." Flavia taps on the door, and I know she can sense I am just standing on the other side. I clench my jaw and send my anger vibrating through the door. The fact I actually spent the rest of the day from when she sent me away getting her a necklace which I had in my pocket. "Oh Witt...I'm sorry. You know what I'm like when I'm tired."

"And you know what I'm like when I snap" I say and walk away leaving the door unlocked. I pull of my shirt before I take the stairs up to my room. I flop down onto my bed and pull the necklace box out of my pocket. Its 24 carat gold necklace and has a heart with an arrow shot through and a red diamond on the arrow. To think I even bothered thinking out a romantic evening. I sigh heavily and push a hand back through my hair.

The End

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