Witt: Bored

Okay, maybe I was over doing the romantic gestures. I should just be me right? The arrogant, joking, lively me. I find myself walking through town quite bored. I wish I could be with Flavia right now. Be allowed to enjoy this new freedom of gestures and expression of my attraction.

I pass a club just as a quite pretty young female stumbles out. I smile knowing I've found my pray for the night. "Need some help, love?" I ask gripping her elbow to stop her from falling over. She looks up at me and her whole atmosphere changes.

"Yes, I do" I can tell she's going to begin flirting with me. That she wants me to come back to her place and stay the night. Well, she'll get most of what she wants. I help her back to apartment and she tries to kiss me which is the moment I hypnotise her. I get her into her apartment before biting into her neck.

About 10 minute later I'm whistling as I walk down the street heading for Flavia's house. It as I reach her front door that I can't hear her thought coming from inside. I expand my mind and find her.... in the new girls house. I sigh heavily and make my way into the house.

I go to Flavia's room and lie down ready for the small wait for her to come back.

The End

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