Flavia:Kiss and Tell

"Oh my god."


"No. Don't be sorry. It was...nice."

"Well, that's the first time I've ever had that response."

"What? Do the girls normally faint?"

"Pretty much."

"It's that bad breath."

"Huh? Bad breath? What?" Witt began trying to smell his own breath. I laugh.

"I'm joking Witt."

"Oh. Come here you." He pulls me in for a kiss again. His lips are soft, and as his lips form against mine I feel this over whelming sense of this being right. Just right. He releases me.

"Come to think of it, I do feel slightly faint." I murmur. He laughs in an 'I told you so' fashion.

"Well go home and rest then. I'll come by and see you when this new girl has moved in."

"Will you now?"

"Yes. And there will be no flirting, I promise."

"Good." I peck him on the cheek and then hurry out of there before my feelings get the best of me.

Wow. I never dreamed it would be like this. Never in my life. I think I'm in love. I practically skip home, so full of life I'm almost alive.


Morning world. Beautiful, sweet, loving world. Oh how I love thee. Iva was practically throwing up last night whilst I was swooning every where. I shall have to apologise.

Not black today. Today I will wear red. The colour of life. The colour of love. And of course, I'm still that little bit dangerous. Red dress, hair brushed and red lipstick on. Fabulous. I float downstairs (emotionally of course), and kiss Iva on her forehead. She wipes it off with a scowl.

"When you've stopped being so disgustingly happy, you might notice that our neighbours are about to arrive."

"Really?" I check the time and see she's right. Even as I watch the hand ticking away, a car pulls up outside, followed by a van. Well hello neighbours. Let's get a look at you. I run upstairs and open the curtains. Outside are two adults, not the pair I saw in my vision, and the car and van I heard. Then, out of the car, I see a girl step out. That's her. The girl from my vision. So, where is her man? She looks around, with a sad expression on her face. Maybe he was left behind? Then, she looks up at our house, straight at my window. I step back. She hasn't seen me.

"Iva, we have to go and welcome them tonight."


"Because. If you won't, I will at any rate. We have to appear slightly normal."

"Well, you're on your own."



They've been unpacking all day, and nowI can smell that their home is almost completely set up. Witt has been in and out of our home all day, snatching a kiss, bringing me a rose, until I told him to go hunt and leave me alone for a while. He laughed it off and disappeared.

So now it's time to go and meet our neighbours. I can't go round like this. I look like I'm about to go out.

I slip in to denim shorts and a loose black shirt. My converse go on too, and I slip across to their house with a cake I made specially earlier. I've always been good at baking. It helps to keep up appearances. I know they've eaten dinner, but they have definately not had any dessert. I'd have smelt it.

I ring the doorbell and stand on the porch. I can hear their conversation, although they don't realise I can.

"Do we have to? I'm tired."

"Look, we have to be nice. Whoever it is is going to be welcoming. If you can't be civil young lady, you will go to bed."

"Fine mum. Sorry." The tread of someone's feet as they come to the door. I put on a smile. The door opens to reveal a middle aged woman smiling, although when she sees me she looks a little shocked. But I can tell the reason she's shocked is she thinks I look amazing.

"Umm, hello."

"Hi, I'm your neighbour from the house across there." I point at the house, well aware that Iva is watching me through a window. "I'm Flavia."

"Oh, welcome Flavia. Please come inside. I'm Dawn."

I grin and carefully walk in to her house, balancing the cake in one hand.

"I brought you this to say welcome."

"Oh thank you! It's lovely. Did you bake it?"

"Yes, it's one of my hobbies."

"Well it looks wonderful."

"Thank you." I can hear someone moving in the lounge, and then Dawn tells me to follow her in to the room.

"Come and meet the family."

And as I walk through the door the girl I saw earlier stares at me, before looking away and pretending she isn't interested.

"Don, Rosemary, this is Flavia. She's our neighbour from across the road. She's brought us a cake."

The End

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