Rose: Leaving

I spent that night packing. The move was so sudden, I barely had time to make that devastating trip to Marcus's house.

When I had finished boxing up all of my belongings, my parents told me that I could go and see Marcus again, seeing how upset this was all making me. I offered to stay and help them with the other stuff but they said they'd be fine without me.

And so I walked back to Marcus's house, hoping to spend a wonderful evening with him while I was still here.

It was a shock to discover that Marcus wasn't home. According to his mum, he had gone out drinking with his mates.

I hoped he wouldn't get drunk. I hoped he would take care of himself while I was living somewhere else.

I wondered what was going to happen to our relationship. I hoped fervently that we would stay together, and overcome this obstacle. We had been going out for a year now and so far, nothing had come between us. I crossed my fingers as I walked home and thought 'Let nothing come between us now'.


The following day, the packing was finished. The move was extremely sudden: Dad had got a new job and his new boss needed him to move down before the day after tomorrow. My parents had quickly found an estate agency which was offering quick moves and bought the first house available in the new city.

I didn't want to move, I so did not want to move. But what could I say? My dad was going to live his dreams of working in the city. Who was I to stand in the way of what he wanted?

Plus there was the fact that they were my parents. Oh well, less than a year until I was eighteen. Then I could do what I liked.


In the morning, I ran over to Marcus's house for a final time. But ... he wasn't there. He hadn't come home last night, apparently.

I was horrified. And frightened. What could have happened to him?

I asked his parents to keep in touch and tell me when he got home - it could just be that he'd gone round a friend's house without telling anyone.

Still, I was full of apprehension as I returned to what would in a few hours no longer be my house.


The street looked normal. There were gardens and cars parked outside the houses -which were a normal set of terraced housing, nothing strange about that. So why did I feel anxiety gnawing at my insides? Why when the curtains opened in the windows of a house across the road did I shiver and suddenly feel eager to get inside? It didn't make sense.

But instinct told me that something was up.

The End

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