Marcus: Ideas

I swollowed the last few drops from the vodka bottle as my friends watched me helplessly

"You should stop drinking so ain't good for you" I stared at my friend with a bored demeanor. I didn't care what he thought, or what anyone else thought. I just needed to numb the pain

"What am I gonna do?" I moaped repeating myself for the seventh time "she's leaving...going away"

"Well you just got your driving could drive down to her new place" my friends were trying their best to cheer me up but the alcohol made me uncooperative and aggresive

"What good is that gonna do?" I spat "Just make me even more sad because I know I'll have to leave her again"

"You're almost could get an apartment over there or even move in with her"

It was a thought and a rather good one at that. Unfortunately I was in no mood for thinking so picked up my sorry ass and stumbled off home from the park. I stared up at the full moon as a howl echoed in ther distance. The bushes rustled next to me as though someone or something was hiding there.

That night changed my life forever

The End

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