Iva watched Wittick and her sister from the window. They would make a good couple, she thought. She began to walk away. The slight breeze stirred up a few fallen leaves. It was a bit chilly, but she didn't feel it. She walked to the house and looked around the yard. It was covered in a blanket of colorful leaves, courtesy of the two large oak trees, in front of the house. She would have to rake it soon. She always did the chores in the house because she felt guilty about the fact that she couldn't couldn't do certain things without looking conspicuous, and that Flavia had to do them. Flavia told her not to bother and that she would help, and that she didn't need to bother with cleaning all those things, but cleaning was her way of not feeling guilty. She felt like it was her fault she couldn't go outside often because the police would ask her why she wasn't in school, her fault that she couldn't go very far alone without people asking questions. All her fault. She went into the house and got out the rusty old rake she had asked Flavia to buy. She didn't want to attract attention and decided that she would try to act as normal as possible. Flavia laughed at this but she answered her request for cleaning supplies. Iva looked across the street at the "For Sale" sign in front of the house. Soon they would have new neighbors. And after the last two left so quickly, she hoped that these ones would stay.

The End

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