Witt: Drink

"So, you gonna be a jerk now or actually offer me a drink" Flavia says letting one hand rest on her hip which pushes out more to the side. It makes her curves more visable and it makes something in me almost purr with the thrill of it.

"Sure and I have something extra" I say with a wink. I begin heading back to the house and Flavia ends up walking by my side. I let my arm wrap round her shoulder and I get away with it since its more like a friendly gesture. When we reach my front door I push it open without barely moving my arm. Flavia walks in first and I follow shutting the door behind me.

She heads straight for the kitchen taking a seat on the kitchen surface and I follow going to the fridge. I pull out a black glass bottle and grab two glasses putting in some ice. Then I pour the liquid out from the bottle its a dark murky brown colour with a hint of red. I hand one to Flavia and she sniffs it before taking a sip her eyes widening. "This has blood in it" She says with shock.

"Yep" I say smirking going over to lean against the kitchen surface next to her. "Drink up" I down my without second thought knowing my eyes flash like amethysts. I see Flavia watching me a slightly blush on her cheeks. When I look over at her she looks away instantly downing her drink. "Nice?" I ask.

She nods silently. I tilt her chin up to look into her almost black eyes. She looks back at me silent, her breathing heavy and racing. Slowly I lean in and my lips just brush hers as she takes in a sharp breath. I hesitate keeping my lips only brushing hers before softly pressing them on to hers. I feel the shock radiate through her body.

Wittick.... Her thought echos and radiates through my head. I find my arms wrapping round her body. She hesitates gripping my shoulders and I can tell from her thoughts its from the lack of fabric on my upper chest. Feeling her kiss back makes my entire body ache from the fact I'm being allowed to be so close to her. Its like a release after needing it for so long. I allow these thoughts to echo loud and clear.

The End

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