Flavia:Wittick again

Why does he always have to do this? I mean seriously, the guy has been my best friend since I don’t know when, and recently...I don’t know. He acts like he cares, but I don’t know whether he really does or not. He flirst with girls all the time, it's impossible to tell when he's being serious. I just don’t know. I look back at the house as we walk away, knowing he’s probably looking out of one of the windows. Still without anything covering up that gorgeous chest of his...ugh, shake it off Flavia. I’m always careful of my thoughts around him as well, just so that he can’t tell what I’m thinking. Iva walks silently beside me.

“Iva, I’m just going to pop back. I feel bad now.”

“I’ll be at home.” Her voice is quiet and knowing, and she quickens her pace to reach our door. And I go back to his house like I knew I would. Once again, the door opens before I knock.

“What did I say about doing that?” I give him my stern look, doing my best not to notice that once again, he’s taken off his shirt.

“What are you doing back here so soon? Couldn’t stay away?” He does that grin that always makes me warm inside. I shrug the feeling off with a raised eye brow. His grin widens. Damn.

“I just thought I’d better make sure you understood what I said. You’re not the best at understanding things you know.” I pull that stupid face that I always do when making fun of his intelligence. He knows I’m joking, because he’s actually quite smart, although you couldn’t tell from first glance. To everyone else he looks like another good looking rich kid with no brains. But he isn’t really. He’s clever and kind and slightly annoying, but only when he wants to be. And if you think it’s bad the way I’m going on about him, you should here the way he talks about himself.

He laughs at my face and steps closer. “Hmmm,” he breathes, “Well you know what’s going to happen now don’t you? because I can't let that insult slide.” For a split second I don't move, but then he leaps at me and the play fighting begins. We’ve always done this since we were little. He always used to beat me, but for a couple of years now we’ve been quite evenly matched. We can roll around the floor all day but eventually someone will win...and it won’t necessarily be him.

And it isn’t. Soon I have him pinned down to the floor by his wrists, my knee digging in to his stomach.

“Give in?” I’m breathless and my hair is all over the place but I am still very aware of him underneath me, his naked torso cold and hard against me.

“Never.” I press a little harder in to his stomach and he winces theatrically. “Alright alright, you’ve got me!” I grin and leap up, offering my hand down to him to help him up. He takes it, pulling himself up. “So, no interfering with the neighbours, I got it.”

“Thank you.”

“Hmmm.” He reaches up, and brushes away a strand of my hair from my face. “So, if I do that, what are you going to stop? Flirting with human guys?”

“Never." I grin, knowing that we both love to seduce humans too much for our own good. One of these days it's going to get us in real trouble. "You can still flirt. Just not with that girl. None of the others come running to me when you break their hearts.”

“What makes you think she will?”

“I’m your friend, I live next door, and I guess I’m just likeable.”

“Hmmm.” The corner of his lips twitches.

“What’s with all the hmmm-ing?”

“No reason.”

The End

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