Wittick Tomson

 I let my eyes adjust to the sunlight as I lay on my bed. I lay still staring at the ceiling, in only a baggy pair of tracksuit bottoms, listening in to sounds of people around me. I hear a footsteps approaching the door and I get up opening the door before Flavia lifts her hand to knock. She sighs. "I know we're not human but seriously do you have to do that?" she says with a pout at the end. I laugh free and happy and step aside pulling the door back so she can walk through. "And put a shirt on"

I smirk. "Why, Flavia? Am I something you can't handle?" I say with a smirk. She spins round to face me, her eyebrow already raised. She actually looks cute when you look at her carefully.

"Don't flatter yourself, Witt, you'll become arrogant... Oh, wait. You already are" She says smirking then she looks back through the door. "Iva! Hurry up!" A moment later Iva steps through the door and I shiver before letting it close with a soft shove. Seriously, while I like Iva she really creeps me out. I know she's a kind person but the fact she almost acts like a ghost is creepy.

"Drinks?" I ask grabbing my shirt from the sofa where I abandoned it yesterday. I slip it on but don't button it up. I head into the kitchen with Flavia following me. I could tell her steps from a million others and the small intake and release of her breath. If I said this to anyone it would seem like we were in love yet its seems to be nothing like that. I'm not sure if its just cause Flavia only thinks of me as a friend or if she doesn't want our friendship to lead there for some other reason.

"There's a human moving in between our houses" She says sitting up on the kitchen side. I begin to make myself a drink of vodka and tonic dropping in an olive. I turn round to face Flavia across the room. My shirt hangs off my chest and I leaned back against the kitchen side as I take a drink. I find myself smiling my eyebrow rising as I watch Flavia's serious face.

"And this affects me, how?" I ask, my head tilting to the side as Flavia eyes narrow at me.

"She has a boyfriend and while I'm up for heartbreak I don't want you to stir up drama that might possibly come knocking at my door" Flavia says seriously. I smile and I put my glass in the side before walking across the room to stand in front of Flavia. I tilt her chin up.

"Aww, honey. You know humans are just play toys to me and your the only one I care for" I say cheekily almost kissing her skin as my lips whisper close to her ear. She seems almost intimidated by this but suddenly scoffs pushing me away and jumping off the counter walking away.

"I only came to warn you, Witt, that if you make a big mess I'm not helping you clean it up" She says before walking out Iva following her. I sigh heavily grabbing my drink and downing it.

She must have some reason for always walking away. I mean I make hints and everything yet she almost seems scared by the thought of gettting close to me. I shake my head and tap the shank of the ring against the glass. I look at the head of the ring seeing the design of the black iris that sits in a oval shaped set. Flavia got me this for my 19th..... the day I stopped aging. I groan and push a hand back through my hair. What does she feel for me?

The End

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