Marcus: Heartbroken

My heart sang like a canary when I heard the knock on the door. Ever since Rose had left me side my heart longed to be with hers. The pain was love was back. But when I opened the door my beaming smile flew away into the horizon leaving a horrified gasp in its place

"Rose whats the matter?" I chocked as my love whipped the last tear from her cheek. She had been crying, quite heavily it seemed. She fling herself into my outstretched arms and mumbled into my chest. She lifted her beautiful face and uttered

"Mark...I'm...moving!" a flood of tears erupted and mine embarresingly followed. My ego and credit that I had tried so hard to build was swept away in a river of tears. But I didn't care. All I wanted to know was why we were crying

"Babe...It's gonna be alright...we'll still see each other"

Rose just looked into my eyes as I stared back. We stared for what felt like an eternity before my world came crashing down

"I'm moving city....along way from here"

The End

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