Flavia:New Arrivals


My eyes fluttered open, my surroundings flickering in to view. Hmmm, quiet. I slip from my bed and cross to the window. The sun is just rising, and out in the garden I can see Iva, my sister, walking. She is solemn, and always has been, although inside she is one of the most caring creatures you can meet. She never smiles, never laughs. She is stuck in the body of a child, while her mind is ancient and wise. My chest aches for her plight. As I watch she leans down and strokes a rose petal before turning to stare deep in to my eyes. I shift slightly, smiling to cover my sorrow, and turn away from the window.

Dark eyes stare at me, the thin sliver of icy blue around the huge pupil shining in the light after my recent feast. I study my features in the mirror, and am gratified that they are the same as usual. Sometimes I feel that my beauty will leave me, and then I will be left without one of the joys in my life. Because without my looks, how could I lure the men that follow me so eagerly in to the woods so that I can feed?

My favourite feature has to be my crimson hair, with it's huge waves that cascade to an inch below my shoulders. Then there are my dark eyes, and my pure white skin, which will never tan, but contrasts beautifully against my hair and eyes. I brush through my hair, then lay down my brush and begin to dress.

When I've settled for a black dress, simple and loose around the top and legs but tight around the waist, I cross to the window again. Iva has come inside; I heard her shut the door just seconds ago. I am about to turn and go downstairs when our neighbouring house catches my eye. And the SOLD sign, newly stuck up. I suck in my breath.

Two people, a girl and a boy. Their faces are hazy, but they are coming. A couple. Hmm, a very much in love couple.

"Flavia, stop prying." Iva's voice in my head makes me jump and I turn to glare at the floor.

"Stop prying in my head then. "

"Just get down here. We have to organise everything before they get here tomorrow."

"Oh, now who's been prying?" She ignores me and disappears from my consciousness. Hmph. I glare once more at the floor and then at the SOLD sign, then head downstairs.

I'd better visit Wittick and warn him as well.

The End

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