The Other...


I was thowin  back into the cell.

"Oph..." came another voice "Geh Oph Ov Mhe"

"Oh sory... um who are you."

"Whell firsh who are you?"

"Deryn No-last name"

"Ok hi Deryn No-last name, my name is Ben, Ben Skyw..."

"Shhhhhhhhh dont say your last name they have cameras and recorder all over hear."


"So how were you capturd?"

"Me and my dad were investigating your planet Vanpiria and whell he is faster then me at running, i fell behinde and i got caught."

"Oh... whate what do you mean by our planet?"

"Whell you know that every planet in this solar sistum is inhabited..."

"Ya unlike the planet Earths solar sistem."

"So me and my dad are... whell what you would call 'explorers'."

"Oh, who is your dad"

"Um whell with theas cameras around rather not say."

"Ok, um got any way we can get out of here explorer boy?"

"Ya and by the way my name is Ben not explorer boy."

And then he pulled out somthing.

"Is that a Light Saber."

"Um... if i say no will you beleve me?"


"UH, then yes it is one."

"So... Your a Skywalker."

"Ya." He said whill cutting a circal threw the concreat wall.

"Cool, then lets go fine your dad."

The End

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