Dan: At my place

I wouldn't call it a house but its good enough. It was a cave which looked like it was carved professionaly out of the mountian but surprisingly enough it was carved out by a long gone water way. Which left me to make a few modifications to make it a little more homely. Charlie Arrived a little bit after us carrying his vampire friend. 

"I'm going to tie him up near the back of the cave." He said

" Go right ahead." I said patching Sasha's head up.

" So whats been going on lately?" She asked

" Tolia was killed. I'm not going to accuse Charlie but he's one of the suspects. I'll ask him later. So with that I'm the last Balancer Sasha. I hate to admit it but The Balancers failed. We only made things worse by killing them showing them violence. So now as the last one standing I swear that I'll repair my races failure even if it means death." I told her.

She looked shocked. " The Bast..."  I cut her short.

" Charlies scent wasn't on Tolia's body show its most likely it was another vampire. " I changed the subject to something else. " What happened to Deryn?"

The End

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