When i finaly woke up my head felt really sore and i felt blood running down my face. I went up to tuch my cut when i saw a had reach down to help me up.

"Need some help Sasha." sead a monotone voice that i knew so well.

"Dan?!?" i crocked

"I havent seen you in a whille"

"You know you sound like a Vulcan when you talk and try to shound meningfull." then he looked eritated but the Vamp snikerd whill looking over his friend.

"Um, anyways this here is Charlie the Vampier who thinks your little jokes are funny."  sead Dan

"I think you must go to the doctor ma'm you dont look to good." sead Charlie

I looked over at Dan who sead"Lets go to my house insted she cant go to the Doctors."

Charlie looked confuzed "But this little human will get ill."

"Im no human" and then i turnd Ghost "Ok Dan lets jet!"

The End

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