I didn't take long to catch up to the vampire. I came down through the trees slicing through the vampire wing making it land.  As it transformed into a human shape. 

" Rawr!" the vampire yelled trying to intimidate me. It dropped the girl. and went for a punch

" No I don't think so."  I said as I swung the hilt of my sword in to the vampires head. The vampire hit the ground unconsciouss. 

" Charlie what do I do with your friend here?"  I asked as I made my way to the girl. I turned her body over.  " Sasha!"  I said completly boggeld. Where Was Deryn? What coincedence to meet her today.  Charlie appeared beside me.

"You know this human?" He asked

" Yeah.  She and her best friend Deryn where almost like a family to me. But they had different opinions on Vampires, Humans, Werewolves. So they left." I  said without feeling. Sometimes I wish my creators gave me emotions cause its makes me looks so cold being so unemotional. 

Well Sasha here should come around in a few hours. Why don't you take you friend and get some information out of him?" I asked him 

" Grrrr! I'm supposed to give orders here!" Charlie said angrily.

" Well I don't think your friend would trust me." I pointed out clearily.

"Just don't let it happen agian!" Charlie snapped.

The End

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