The Story


"Tell the Boss agen, how did your little friend become half Ghost?!?"

"No *ZZZZAAAAPPPP*" went the electric hand cuffs "AAHHH FINE I WILL TELL YOU!!! *sigh*"


"Ok ok fine, the Balancers knew they were a dieing race so they tried to create a Balancer that would hopfully never die, so when Sasha was a baby they toulker and some how killed part of her wich created a half Ghost half humman thingy, years went by and then they got me and tryed the same thing with me but aparently it only works with babys so i epicly fail, one Balancer named Ben toulk me and Sasha in as his own but he died so his brother Dan toulk us in, one day Sasha and me brock ranks with the Balancers and became Vampier Hunters. *sigh* duse that help?!?"

"Hmmm" seaid the Boss "Why did you bracke ranks with the Balancerssss?"

"Because what they were doing wasnt ending the war. We disided to stop the enamy you people thingys!"


"Your not going to kill me?!?"

"No but your little friend Sasha we will fined and say that you are."


The End

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