Dan: Hear that?

Charles winced in pain from his arm.  I pulled out a Vial full of a silver liquid. "drink this trust me it does your miracles." I siad He opened the Vial slowly. A look of fear  on his face appeared.

"Just drink it." I said  boredly

After he was done drinking it. A new arm grew from where it was severed.  He was astonished.

" Balancer's can't risk losing limbs. So our body creates new body parts. I found the gland that makes that chemical and I filled a few bottles in situations similar to this." I explained. Charles ears twitched 

" You hear that?" he asked

"I heards something." I replied

" I smell a human." He said

"Its over there." he pointed

My eyes adjusted to see only what was pushed a side plantation. you mean a human was there.

I heard bushes being pushed. Two heartbeats.  somethingwas wrong one heartbeat was in adrenaline rush. two one was being carried hearing the steps of only one being. My instinct told me the second being was a vampire.

"Friend of your Charles?" I said, " A humans in trouble." I drew my blade. 

" I'm going to help the human." I said and I followed after the heartbeats.

The End

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