The failure of a race with a purpose



I was flying through the landscape tree's feilds sped by as I flew to the nearest human civilization. This world is beautiful why must there be constant fighting even the humans fight each other. As I  ask these question I didn't notice  a speeding object that just hit me. I hit the ground causing dust to fill the air.  As I stand up cold hand grips my shoulder then jumps over me. And goes for a kick which i easily deflect with my left hand.  the vampire jumps to about 10 feet in front of me.

"Your not as nearly as timid as the last balancer I fought." the vampire exclaimed licking his lips, " Yes i remember your race how can't I every once in a while your people would come on in and slaughter our  families." 

" I'm sorry for your loss but the humans have just a much of a right to live as vampires do. And at that time the human race was on the verge of extinction." I replied

" The humans if i recall correctly called you specifially as damnation as you  burned whole entire villages."  The vampire winning this arguement

"Every action the Balancers has taken was to keep the balance  keeping you alive at one point. I protected your race from werewolves am I not correct?"  I asked 

" I'm proving your ways of balancing have failed you only taught us violence. And you ponder when you fly. Why is there no peace  in this world? Its your fault your race is a failure." The vampire pointed out , " I have no time to blather on with you Balancer now that your recognized your failure let me end your failure of a race."

Then he  jumped up and went to break my neck.  I almost considered letting him kill me. But i thought agian I can try to fix my races failure.  I drew my sword wich power was flames burning the air around it. Unfortunetly it was to late to make evasive action  and his arm  ran into my blade shearing it off.  He screamed in pain.

" I'm sorry." I said , " Another failure on my part. you've taught me something valueable today. I 'm going to vow to you I will no longer fail you and other races. And I will bring peace  then afterwards you can kill me. whats your name? Mine is Dan  I named myself that after the humans forgot about Damnation."  As i offered a hand.

" What?What are you doing ? I hate you!" He yelled at me

" I want you to help me bring peace. And I told you can kill me after I'm done." I said calmly

" Ok. But you tell me your plan and i get to order you around becuase obviously Balancers can't do things right." He said still astounded

I smiled.  " Alright , but you also need to find way to get your vampire friends to stop drinking human blood. Alright."  I asked 

"Okay. By the way my name is  Winston charles but just call me charlie."  Charlie said.

The End

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