I turned my head as my brother shouted my name. He stood grippig his bow and seething. If he gripped it any tighter the wood would split. He marched past Dralich and Viggo, shock residing on both their faces.

"I challenge you, Ellinja! I challenge you for my birthright as leader of the Warriors!" he shouted as he walked.

For once in his life he didn't look like a pathetic idiot. But then he tripped over his own feet and landed face down in the forest floor.

"How do you expect to fight me when you can't even stand on your own two feet?" I growled with a laugh.

Dralich laughed too. He had never liked Moltov, even when he was a respected member of the clan. Lark was the most sympathetic, he kept a straight face while the rest of us enjoyed Moltov's moment of idiocy. He scrambled back up to his feet and silenced Viggo with a glare.

"I will fight you, Ellinja. These Warriors should be under my command!" he shouted, losing an inch of the intimidation he held before.

"And will you fight my mate too?" I asked smugly.

Unknown to the clan I had picked a mate, and he had picked me in return. If Moltov wished to challenge me, he had to challenge my mate as well.

"Your mate? Don't make me laugh" Moltov scoffed.

Lark, who had been silent until now, stepped passed Moltov and kissed me, revealing himself as my mate.

The End

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