Dan the last balancer

Vampire hunter , vampires . Its a bloody war literally; I perfer not to take side being someone whose witnessed human , and vampire history. Yes i lived a long time but not a vampire, werewolf , or human. I was called a balancers to look over these three dominant species. You see the we didn't originally come from earth but a dieing society in a last attemp of survival your ancestor were brought here. I'm simply  what some would call a robot or angel; i'm niether but similar.  My creators basically programmed into me to keep a balance of these dominant species with my compadres. But over the years we've been killed and assainated and Hated for keeping the balance; now I stand over  my last companion killed by a vampire. Not by getting the blood sucked out of her but in a fight it looks like she lost her fight or some vampires have evovled into something stronger if so i must kill it. Humans are already having a hard enough time with vampires some thing stronger could bring them to extinction in no time.

It was cold but I felt no emotion over her death. If i did i would go on a vengeaful rampage killing every vampire.  Keeping the balance now being impossible i search for the best solution hoping to bring peace among the three species.  I  leave her cold dead body , pick up my large sword  and slung it over my back. the sword nearly the size of my body  would be unwieldy for a human or vampire making me easy to distinguish in the crowd of species. I need to find out who winning this war then find the best way to bring peace. And i also need to find the animal spirit she must know that the balancers are almost gone. I make my self  hard to notice. basically you can see me if you are really looking for me. And start my flight to civilization.

The End

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