Snatch ran through the halls, his black converse making almot no sound on the hard marble floor. He'd shut off the security cameras before hand, they weren't going to ever find him. He shot around the corner, bag slung over his shoulder. The vault was just ahead, he could smell the money.

He vaulted the small railing infront of the vault and landed on top of the door frame. He hung down and fiddled with the door handle, listening for the low hum that would be eminating from the door if there was a security alarm. Snatch used his nail and decided to settle for the cutting a hole in the door. Hw jumped down and walked through the door. After grabbing 7 gold bars and around 400 000 dollars in cash, he walked out the door calmy and exite the bank, leaving no trace and no video behind.

Snatch did this every night. Steal, feed, home, sleep. That was his routine. Now he had to feed, otherwise he'd have to kill someone tomorrow. Throwing the loot into his car, he ran to the hot spot, Oakland Park. The huge forest provided either a tasty bear or some poor girl walking through the forest. Tonight, h knew he was going to feed well.

The End

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