God! What is with all the screaming in this forest! I look up from the bled and broken body at my feet. The wind catches my long brown hair as it picks up on my anger. I thought this was going to be a NICE place to live for the next few years, or until everyone I know is dead and I can be back among people.

            I look back at the body and remember what it was like when I was in that state – just before I was turned Immortal. I had just turned 16 and got my license when another driver drove me off a cliff to my death. I can see the entire thing like it happened yesterday.


            I look over at my mum, smiling in the front seat. She was laughing at something my sister in the backseat said. Just then, I heard a honk – some idiot was driving in the wrong side of the lane! – and my family’s shrieking. I quickly swerve to avoid the trucker but crashed right through the road rail, plunging into the murky depths of the water below. I woke up a few minutes later staring down at my parents and sister’s body, and my own. I look around to see if they were standing beside me, but it was just me. Before the doctors could tell for certain if I was dead or not, I slip back into my body, being reborn as Immortal.


            I still don’t understand why I chose to come back to earth, rather than searching the afterlife for my family.

            Another shriek fills my ears. This one wasn’t of pain, but to call out to someone. “Ellinja!”

The End

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