I ran through the forest, thin branches whipping against my face. I heard the Warrior's Cry and saw Dralich at my side. Viggo was to my left and Lark was behind me. The wind whipped against my bare arms and I wished I'd worn more than a leather jerkin. I gripped my bow tight in my right hand as Dralich made the Warrior's Cry again, beckoning a response out of his half-brother Viggo. We finally caught sight of our leader. My younger sister, Ellinja. The position should have gone to me, what with being the eldest and being the son, but I had disgraced myself years before.

We caught up to Ellinja and waited for her orders. "Find the traitor and destroy them!" she snarled.

Dralich, Viggo, Lark and Ellinja all made the Warrior's Cry and charged onwards. This year, I would take my rightful place as leader of the warriors. This year Ellinja turned sixteen. She would finally be considered a woman amongst the clan and could choose a mate. She could also be challenged. That was what I intended to do. I gripped my bow that little bit tighter and cleared my throat before bellowing. "Ellinja!"

The End

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