Young one


I followed the bloodied foot prince and spotted a group of humans trying to carry a man away. I sighed then froze as I felt a blade point into the back of my neck.

"Don't try to get away" the human hissed. "This won't kill you straight away but it is poisoned"

I walk toward the group of humans. "We have a spy" The human behind me with the knife shouts.

"Kill it" a women shouts.

"Wait" A young girl forces herself to the front. She's probably 14 maybe older.

"Mia" I gasp.

"She knows your name" the women says shocked.

"Yes, she's the black haired one" she says pointing at me and looking at her fellow humans. "Remove the knife Traynor"

I feel the blade being removed and the man walks round to stand with his friends.

"Are you sure we can trust her?" Traynor whispers.

"Of coarse" Mia says smiling. "I never got your name"

"Katie" I say. "Katie Etelope"

The End

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