"Gerroff!"Snarls the human. I'd knocked his knife from his hand, and pinned him up against the ally wall.

I smile."You tried to kill me Travis. Your a threat. I need to eleminate the threats." I say simply.

"I'm a threat?" He said slyly. Looking over my shoulder. I spin around. Snatching up the knife. Holding at his throat, the humans who had tried to creep up on me, backed away.

I grinned. They stayed.

"I'm going to kill him."I warned them. Their eyes widened. One of them was holding a bow, he pointed it at me. I tilted my head and arched an eyebrow.

Smiling, I pressed the knife into the soft flesh of his throat.

"Run!" Travis yelled. I made a tutting noise.

"Now, Travis, if they leave I'll kill you, if they stay I'll kill you. So there is really no point in trying to get them to away."I informed him.

"DON'T KILL TRAVIS!"Screeched a women. I shook my head.

"I'm going to kill him, Madam. No matter what you do. If you shoot me, my arm will move and cut him. So don't you want him to be killed quickly?"I said calmly.

They backed even further into the darkness. My lips twiched.

"Good-bye, Travis."I said, kissing his forehead. I jerked the knife accross his neck, in one swift, unstoppable movement.

I quickly grabbed a small bottle from my pocket, I put it under the wound, letting the blood flow into it. I filled five small bottle altogether, and drank the equivillant directly from the wound.

The hunters were getting higher in their numbers. And I kept on having to kill them. I'm the slayer of the slayers.

I've heard roumers of another vampire. One thats kind.....Maybe I'll find her. And live in peace with someone like me.

The End

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