It's quiet in the forest. No birds sing, no animals scurry to their homes. I walk forwards, to nowhere in particular. I have all night, and the next day, and the next night, and the next day... until the end of time. A fox creeps up to me from beneath the brambles.

"Hello Brownie" I say softly, holding out my hand. The brown and orange fox comes closer. I show him the ham I have in my hand. He sniffs, and then takes it and eats it in one bite. He looks at me. "I'm sorry, I don't have more" I say. I stroke his head and then he pads softly away. I carry on silently through the trees, my purple, flowing dress trailing behind me. I'm an animal spirit. I look after the animals. I'm responsible for keeping every specie of animal alive. I love it. I know that I'm the only one. The only animal spirit. There are other creatures too. Not human, like me. I drift through the ferns until I come to a clearing. It's a meadow. The centre of the forest. I walk to the middle and sit down. I spread the contents of my bag across the ground. Thing from the forest floor. All useful to my job. I hear a noise. Someone is coming. I wait.

The End

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