Silent Whisper

Don't know where this will go????
Just please write with me!!!!


I walked silently. The night was the most dangerous time and I was one of the dangers.

I hear footsteps and follow the sound. I find a young girl. She's human and looks at me fear in her eyes.

"You shouldn't be out at night child" I say kneeling down to her height. She stares straight into my honey brown eyes and I feel slight pity.

"One of you killed my mum, I don't know where to go" the young girl mutters pushing back some of her long golden curls. I smile making sure my teeth don't come out.

I'm thirsty but I won't go as far as drinking a child's blood.

"You should go to the caven" I say tilting my head. Then I feel a sharp pain in my back. I scream and turn of the humans. I protect the girl behind me.

"Let the girl go" the one with the bow shouts. I hiss at him but step aside. The young girl looks up at me her electric blue eyes amazingly beautiful. I smile and gesture for her to go. "My names Mia, I will never forget this kindness black haired one" the girl says before running over to the three humans.

I reach up to touch my shoulder length black hair. I smile and begin to slowly retreat.

"She's excaping" one shouts. An arrow is fired and I run vaulting a wall and disapearing in to the night.

I shall never forget that girl and I go off to find some animal's.

The End

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