Silent Thoughts

This is a Quick Write that I had to do in my WONDERFUL English teacher's class about "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh". So I, as of right now, (for this poem) am a 14 year old drummer boy in the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War.

In the darkness,

I can't see.

I can only hear these people breath-

in and out,

a steady beat-

never ceasing.

Just in......and out.

Tomarrow at the strike of five,

crack of dawn,

we're still alive.

"Quick! Son, grab your drum!

This day has only just begun."

Feel the rhythm,

you're the heart.

"C'mon! Quick, son! Play your part!

It's only midnight, but I already know

Tomarrow's battle will come to show

As I stand up and face their fears,

I'll play my drum for all to hear.

But, for now, I can only keep

the steady beat of in.....

and out.

The End

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