Hating Every Moment


I felt sick, sick to the core. And I really doubted my chances of a miracle happening that would suddenly make me alright. I could see the fear and worry in Elia's eyes and she herself didn't know what was going on with me. One could only hope.

After she left, I remained seated on the grass, leaning back against a tree that I'd managed to drag myself to with Wiki watching me with what I suspected to be a rather angry expression. She growled, before giving a grunt and plopping herself down too facing the other direction.

That wolf had some attitude.

I let out a groan when the pounding in my head grew worse, closing my eyes and leaning my head back to rest against the rough bark. When was this ever going to go the way I wanted it to?

I hated depending on Elia, I hated to depend on anyone. But in such a state, I didn't have any other option but to go with it. This illness of mine...would she be able to cure it? And that was the least of my worries. More than the concern I held for myself, I was concerned for Elia and her safety.

If the others found us, they would definitely kill us both. There was no avoiding the risk that my former 'team' posed for Elia and my life. What would we do if they captured us again? And what about Elia's family? She needed to find them!

Thinking about all of it made my head hurt even worse and I resulted in letting out a soft moan of pain and blacking out, my last thought being: "I hate this".

The End

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