You Can't Be

'What's the matter?' I thought panicked. He shook his head only to turn and little green. He turned away from me convulsing over and throwing up his stomach into a bush. The smell made me flinch back and that was when Wiki also returned. She took one look at Angelo before looking at me with an accusing gaze.

'Now what?' she said growling low as Angelo stood back up leaning against the tree with sweat dripping down his skin. I walked a little way off to grab some seep grass before coming back and wiping it over his face to get ride of the sweat and cool his skin. 

"I'm sorry" he grunted looking at me but I shook my head and help him sat down. His breathing was heavy and by this point I was getting seriously worried. What about my family? The Oteri?

I swallowed. I couldn't leave Angelo. His crew would find him and then what? I didn't trust any of them and they would no longer trust him. We couldn't stop moving either they had the equipment to follow us at a faster pace than humans could run. Machinery. It had looked horrible but I had a brief glimpse of it.

"Elia... you should go... leave me here"

'Great idea' Wiki added sitting down and glaring at me but I shook my head and leant in to kiss him slowly. He tried to push me away but I kissed him again. He needed to know I wasn't leaving and I was too shaken up to speak.

"Elia, please, go after your family"

'You are my family' I then projected before I really thought about it. Angelo's eyes widened and he watched me before kissing me back. It was a weak kiss but I didn't care. I sat in his lap straddling him a little as we kissed. 

We only stopped when Angelo had to breathe or he grew to hot. "Elia... I'm sorry" he finally whispered.

'I will go to find some herbs' I thought to him then looked at Wiki who got the message to stay with him before I raced off into forest. I had to find the himesee herb to heal Angelo. He'd still be a little dizzy on his feet. I knew what he had by now and without the herb... it would be weeks till he got better. 

We couldn't suffer the time. I couldn't suffer watching him like that and I needed to tell him. My mind was set... he was going to know my true name.

The End

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