A few hours of sleep felt necessary to the sickness I felt coming on. Yet, when the slightly conscious part of me felt Elia move into my arms, I seemed to relax. Thoughts of the dilemma that we'd found ourself in skittered away as peace reigned over me.


My eyes fluttered open, a haze of dancing colors coming into view as I blinked. It took a while for my vision to adjust to the unique one of this world but as I did, I came to realize that Elia was no longer beside me.

Did that cause me to panic? Yes.

Possibilites of her being captured ran through my mind - maybe the others had gotten her but that wouldn't have made sense, they would've taken me too if that had been the case.

Stop it. You're being unreasonable.

And I was, because the next second, out from the trees emerged Elia. She looked at me, meeting my gaze with a small smile on her face.

Hey, she said.

"Good morning," I replied gruffly, standing up to only have a wave of nausea wash over me. Stumbling on my feet, Elia immediately came to my side and helped support me against a tree.

Are you okay? She asked.

I wasn't too sure. I could feel a fever arise from within me, a sweat break out on my skin. And it didn't feel human. It felt...foreign.

I could only hope this wasn't a virus of the Oteri planet getting to me. I really hoped it wasn't.

The End

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