We ran for at least 10 hours and when Angelo stumbled off Wiki's back I could tell he wasn't well. I followed him at a fair distance as he stumbled over to a bush and pretty much threw up the entirety of his stomach. I wince as the smell hit my nose but stepped forward and rested my hand on Angelo's back as he leant on his knees panting.

'You should lie down' I thought to him biting my lip. 'Get some rest. We wont be travelling for a while'

He barely gave me a nod and I helped him over to a sheltered area of soft grass. He was out before he hit the ground. I was pushing Angelo beyond his human limits I knew that but we couldn't stop. 

I didn't know what I should do? Save my family or save me and Angelo. I couldn't decide but I knew which one Wiki would chose.

"He's not fit for this world. We should rescue the Oteri and send all the human's packing' she growled to me.

'I can', Wiki. I don't think you understand my feelings for him' I thought to her before turning away and hugging my stomach. The thought of leaving Angelo caused a physical pain to rock my body. I couldn't do it. I wasn't strong enough to leave him for the better future of my people.

'I'm going off to find some meat' she snapped before sweeping off into the forest. I looked after her before turning my eyes to rest on Angelo. My hearts skipped a couple of beats at the sight of his peaceful sleeping face. I walked over and laid down facing him.

I allowed myself to run my fingers over his cheek. Along his jaw. Down his chest. I stopped then and swallowed. I wanted to whisper it now. My name in his ear. Wake him and tell him that he could have me forever but... I couldn't. Some wants aren't meant to be satisfied. 

So I settled for shuffling into his arms and letting the rest of the world sink away.

The End

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