Running Away

The events that had taken place in the past few minutes replayed itself through my mind as Elia, Wiki and I raced through the thick brushery of the forest. My team was close, tracking us. I knew now that they had only one option in mind, one that Daniel would love to have carried out: murder.

Yet they didn't have a guide to show them through this world. I did. I could tell that Elia could have run at a much faster pace if it weren't for me tagging along by her side. I was dreadfully slow - my human speed that of a snail's compared to her Oteri-one. Wiki seemed to grunt in annoyance as she looked back at me, urging me on. Yet, there was only a limit to how fast I could run.

"Angelo,come on!" Elia tugged at my hand. Trying to catch my breath, I whispered back irritated, "I know, I'm trying."

Wiki rolled her eyes at me and before I knew it, tackled me off my feet. The next thing I felt was a soft mat of fur. Opening my eyes, I realized that Wiki had managed to hoist me onto her back. She nodded at Elia before they both started to run in an inhuman pace.

Covering my mouth with one of my hands, I knew I was going to be very sick much later. Travelling methods of the Oteri-world did not suit me.

The End

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