I jumped at the Springbloom and we went rolling through the undergrowth. She clawed at my skin with her razor sharp nails forcing me to let go from the pain. I rolled to my knees and narrowed my eyes at my opponent.

The Springbloom got to its feet with much more grace yet it was an eerie elegance. Her body twisted and turned as she got to her feet. I swallowed down my fear. I hadn't fought a Springbloom before. Wiki rushed in front of me and growled low and deep at the creature.

The creature screamed out its usually beautiful voice twisted with fury and rage. I winced and covered my ears. I looked over to Angelo and saw him stirring. We had to get rid of the Springbloom before he woke. He'd either fall under the creatures spell again or try to help and I really didn't want him scrambling into the fight without knowing really what he was getting himself into.

We had been trained to fight hand to hand with these creatures. We knew there weak spots. Like cutting off a Springbloom's hair would turn them to dust. I didn't have a knife though so I guess the only option would be to rip it out.

The last time I was in a fight was with my brother when we battled Wiki to claim her. She was a good fight but my brother was a strategist. It was strange how I was the better fighter cause it was usually the men that did all the hunting. 

I tried to think like him now. The tumble seemed to have knocked the Springbloom's left leg a little off so if Wiki went for the right I could go left and pin her down for Wiki to rip off its hair with her teeth.

'Wiki, go right' I thought to her. Wiki looked back and nodded. She pounce off going for the creatures right side. The creature swung it arm out trying to hit at the wolf and failing. With its back turned it didn't see me running in and swinging my foot into it left leg.

The creature wailed horrible and toppled to the ground. I went quickly to pin the creature down. Wiki clamped her teeth round the Springbloom's hair and it wailed out. Which is when the noise came.... a snap of a twig. I looked up just as Wiki turned the creature to dust and I stumbled. 

'It smells like him' Wiki told me jerking her head towards Angelo who was finally stumbling to his feet. I rushed over him throwing myself into his arms. He caught me with a stumble and his arms slipped tightly round my waist as he buried his face in my hair. 'We need to move' Wiki growled to me as she walked up.

'Wiki smells your crew' I told Angelo. He grit his teeth and looked over at the forest before back at me. He passed a hand over my cheek.

"We better get moving then" he muttered. I moved to head off but Angelo pulled me back to him. "And I'm sorry I went wandering off" he looked around. "What happened to that creature"


Angelo nodded then took my hand leading us back to the camp to grab the little stuff we had before Daniel and his goons got here.

The End

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