In those few minutes, my mind couldn't make sense of anything that was happening to me. The subconcious felt trapped, almost asphyxiated as I followed the Goshea blindly. She held one of my hands, giving me wordless smiles as she led me deeper and deeper into the forest.

My mind grew hazy, vision blurring up but one thing called to me the most. Desire surged through my veins as I took steps closer to the being, which now appeared more beautiful than ever.

Stop this!

A voice called from within me but all strings of resistence had been cut the moment I'd looked into those eyes. It felt like I was under a spell of some sort, but I didn't know what to do.

Why? Why did I  leave Elia?

The voices grew smaller, weaker and soon I had no control over my body. It was then I heard something, the rustling of leaves. The Goshea turned around, tugging me with her. Her frame grew hostile as she hissed venemously at the person that appeared in front of us.


I frowned, snapping out of my deep reverie for a split second to realize what was going on, eyes widening. "Elia?"

And then my body couldn't take it any more. The last thing I heard out was a cry of pain as I fell to the ground, blacking out.

The End

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