When I woke up to find Angelo gone I panicked cause I knew immediatly from a quick glance around that he had ventured into the woods. It wasn't only the packs of untamed spirit wolves I was worried about but Springbloom's. 

Cruel creatures but innocent looking from first glance. Most Oteri knew better than to look in their eyes but Angelo... a human who had never been to our planet? He could easily mistake them and I knew his first assumption would be that it was a Goshea.

No, they were lots worse. Their teeth were a set of fangs and their grotesque blueish grey skin was appalling to look at. Although, haven't Angelo taken from me by a lover stealing Springbloom was enough to rattle my natural instinct to protect what now I believed to be mine.

So I ran calling to Wiki to me on the wind. She was by my side in an instant just as I found Angelo's tracks.

'What has happened?' my wolf asked.

'Angelo has been taken'

'The human' she asks to which I answer with a nod. 'Aren't you a little close to him?

'He's different from the rest' I think then wince.

'There are more?' Wiki growls.

'Look we can't think about this now. We need to find Angelo!' I think to the wolf angrily. Wiki whimpers a bit backing down and sniffs the tracks beginning to run off. Oh please say he isn't completely under the creatures spell before we get there. I can't lose him. I just can't.

The End

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