The Goshea?


The night was sleepless to me. I watched Elia in her sleep every second through, smiling to myself as I stroked her soft violet hair. Her breathing was calm and steady against me, I could feel my own heart reverberate against hers. But soon, the moon of the Oterium planet grew absent and sunlight streamed in through the outlines of the mountains.

I blinked,getting up slowly as I set Elia's head on the soil. She wasn't awake yet and I didn't want her to be until I had breakfast set up by myself. Getting out of the tent, I headed towards the bushes nearby, looking for some of the berry-like food that she'd brought for me.

I couldn't seem to find any nearby and stepped further into the forest. Finally when a small shrub had the familiar looking berries, I started to pluck a few out gently. That's when I heard it. A rustle. Freezing in my movement, I looked around and something stepped out of the trees.

My eyes widened as I stared at it. It was an alien but not like Elia. The skin was almost translucent, but unlike us humans, it didn't have veins. Instead, it bended into the nature around it, almost like camoflauge and had light green eyes, the color of the leaves.

Could this be...

Could this be one of the Goshea?

The End

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