I blinked, not knowing what to say as Elia waited for me to open my mouth and give her an answer. I honestly had not expected her to even ask me a question like this right now.

Dropping my open arms to my side, I looked away from her patient gray eyes and to the ground, trying to reassemble my thoughts to have a straight answer

"I...Elia why do you ask?"

Because I want to know, she said, coming closer to me before sitting down on the ground. She pulled her knees up to her chest, resting her chin on it while she stared at me intensely. Angelo I need to know what I mean to you before we go further into this, whatever 'this' is.

I sighed, running my hands through my hair in frustration. "I really don't know...I've never felt like this about anyone so the quickest assumption I could possibly make is that I love you. But that would be really strange, because you're-"

Not human, she said bitterly. I saw hurt in her eyes and realized she took this as a rejection. Shaking my head quickly, I moved closer to her, standing on my knees as I towered over her slightly, taking hold of her hands.

"No, you're unique. You're Oteri. And I love you for that."

She didn't seem convinced so instead, I gave back what she'd given me only a few hours ago. Tilting her chin upwards, I bent down and kissed her, waiting for the reaction.

The End

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