When Angelo had cradled me to his chest I just felt warmth spill throughout my body. I didn't want to care for him but I did. I wanted him to stay here with me on my planet so we could be together. At the moment though that was going to happen. If my family were in the hands of the Goshea then we were about to go into some tough stuff.

Especially if Daniel and his crew were on our tail. To be honest I think Daniel knew about life on this planet. I think he was given orders to continue without question. I bet they all were given that order in some sense. 

I rested my head against Angelo's chest listening to his quick and odd heartbeat, a human heartbeat. Swallowing nervously I then rested my hands against his chest. I wonder what he had thought about me kissing him. I mean it wasn't exactly planned. I'd just randomly done it feeling like it needed to be done.

A howl went out and I knew it was Wiki but I didn't want to slip out of Angelo's embrace. I knew I had to though because it was my family life on the line. So slowly I slipped out of his arms then out of the tent. Hugging my body against a slight nights chill I moved towards the edge of the forest. Wiki ran up to meet me and I knelt down so I could wrap my arms round her neck fondly.

'What have you found?' I ask her mentally. 

'They're keeping all of the Oteri in the mountains along with most of their Spirit Wolves. They almost caught me' Wiki thinks to me her mental voice trembling.

'Hush, you're here aren't you... Thank you Wiki' 

Wiki nodded and I stroked her fur before glancing back towards where Angelo slept. I smiled slightly. 'He's more then just a human to you isn't he' Wiki pressed. I turned to find the wolf almost grinning which caused me to blush. Looking down I fiddled with the hem of my shirt.

'He's my friend.. but yes I do feel something more for him but I shouldn't' I sigh. 'And I don't even know if he likes me back. I don't want to let myself get led on a wild goose chase of a human'

Wiki barked which seemed to be like a laugh. She nuzzled my cheek and then stepped back. 'I'm going to try and find some of the other Spirit Wolves to the tribe' she tells me.

'Be careful for strays' I think to her worried. Wiki nods and is gone. So I turn and make my way back to Angelo who just has to be awake. I stop.

"Where did you go?"

'Wiki just calm to give me the information' I think back looking away embarrassed. Angelo sits up and watches me carefully then relaxes seeming to except that I'm telling the truth. He holds out his arms a little but I hesitate. 'Angelo?'

"Yes?" he says confused.

'What am I to you?'

The End

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