I collected the wood first finding a pouch leaf to carry them it which tied round my waist hanging down to the right of me. It was then that I collected the fruits. I jumped up a tree catching a branch and throwing my body up so I could catch the next branch. 

The closest bunch of berries were up on the seventh branch up so I repeated it the motion continuously to reach them. I plucked them off the branch grabbing one of the large leaves and wrapping them in that. Then resting my head against the tree I sent a prayer of thanks before dropping down. It was then I heard the rustle. I span round coming face to face with a Spirit Wolf. 

The Wolf snarls flashing it sharp teeth and I try to calm myself which is when it licks my face. 'W-Wiki?' I send mentally. The wolf barks back with a flash of its teeth. I relax and throw my arms round the young wolf. 'I've missed you' I think to her softly.

She huffs. 'Of course you have' she thinks back. 'Everyone's been worried sick since your shuttle defaulted'

Defaulted? I wince. 'I was found by humans' I admit. Wiki growls looking around but I hold up my hands. 'Don't attack. There is one that is kind. He's already hurt I don't want him harmed'

The wolf huffs and I smile wrapping my arms around her again happy which is when I'm confused. I pull back and look at her. 'Why are you here? Shouldn't you be with brother?'

'Ah... you see...' Wiki thinks trailing off looking down with a whimper. 'They were attacked, Elia. They've been taken prisoner'

'By who?' I think scared. 

'By the Goshea'

I tense and then I'm off racing back to Angelo cause there is no time to waste. I can't let my family be slaves I can't. 'Angelo!' I think just before I appear before him. Wiki is on my heels and the moment she appears Angelo freaks out.

"What the hell?" he yells backing away.

'Nevermind, Wiki' I say shaking my head with tears already spilling down my cheeks. 'My family... they've been taken prisoner by the Goshea'

"The Go-who?" Angelo asks still glancing occasionally at Wiki with frightened eyes. Wiki herself sits calmly watching me softly.

'The Goshea' she whispers. 'They're the other intellectual life form on Oterium but they prefer to live underground. They have my family!'

"Hush, Elia. Calm down" Angelo says pulling me into his arms then stroking my hair. "Look, we can't do anything now. I'm not as fast as you. I can't run for so long. We should eat up and rest so tomorrow we can go and get them when we're at full strength"

Slowly my shoulders dropped and I looked down sad. 'I-I guess you're right' I think to him then turning to Wiki who trots up. I sense Angelo take a step back behind me wary as I kneel down and look straight at the wolf. 'Find out what you can please' I think to her.

Wiki gives me a firm nod then turns and dashes off back through the forest towards the mountains. I get up and look at Angelo before blushing. "I'm sorry... Did you get the food?" he asks eyeing the pouch leaf. 

I nod and set up a camp fire cracking the fire rock to create sparks that create a flame. Then I pull out the berries wrapped in the leave and skewer a fair amount on to each before cooking them.

Angelo sits next to me watching. When the fire touches the berries the flames roar indigo before dying down. I know the berries are cooked when they are a ruby red from the reddish brown. I hand the stick to Angelo and sit waiting for his reaction.

The End

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