By the time we stopped running, I felt like I'd lost half of my life getting away. I was completely out of breath, perspiration beading my face as I took deep breaths, trying to get some oxygen. At least this planet had oxygen. Otherwise, I'd pretty much be dead by now.

I looked up at Elia who didn't look even half as tired as me. She was agile and I felt like no matter how long she'd run continuously, she'd never be out of breath. Funny how much I wanted to be an Oteri in that second.

Angelo, we have to take the trek through the mountains, come on.

Her voice was impatient, I didn't blame her. She wanted to see her family. But right now, I really needed some rest.

"Elia, can't we just, I don't know, set up camp or something? I feel exhausted."

She stared at me, her eyes skimming through my body over the various parts of my skin that had been grazed well enough to cause scratches here and there through the bristles of the sharp shrubbery. She took a quick scan around and did a weird gesture with her hands. I assumed it to be her way of a shrug.

Alright. I guess it won't harm us to stop for a few minutes.

She sat down next to me on the soil, her fingertips digging into the ground and within a second, four large plates of rocks came around us in the form of a tent. My eyes widened, staring at her. I didn't know she could do that. She smiled at the look on my face.

The Oteri are the children of Mother Nature. We could manipulate it on our planet.

I didn't say anything as we looked at each other in silence. My thoughts were swarming with what we were going to do now. But my human needs couldn't be ignored.

A large, almost whiny rumble came from my stomach and Elia giggled, her eyes going down to my stomach.

You're hungry?

I nodded, a smile escaping my lips. She got up, leaving the small shelter.

I'll be right back. When I am, you'll be having a taste of my culture.

This was going to be fun...

The End

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